Pencil Eyebrows: How To Get The Trend Effect


Do you know the new trend that is revolutionizing the networks? Discover the feather eyebrows. In Ella Hoy, we tell you how to get the trend effect.

how to get the trend effect.

Do you know the new tendency to comb the eyebrows already? The new fashion is feather eyebrows, a technique proposed by makeup artist Stella Siren that started as a joke and turned viral. In Ella Today we tell you everything about this original proposal and of course a step by step to show you how to get the trend effect.

The feathered eyebrows trend emerged from the hand of makeup artist Stella Sironen who uploaded a photo to her social networks showing a make-up in which the eyebrows had been left with a fun pen-like shape. Her intention was to show a funny photo, but what began as a curious anecdote quickly became a viral phenomenon as everyone thought that Stella had created a new trend in the way of wearing or makeup eyebrows. Quickly emerged numerous photos of girls who completed their looks with feather eyebrows and tutorials on how to do this eyebrow hairstyle step by step.

Getting this trend effect on the eyebrows is very simple, then we show you the step by step to get the eyebrows pen.

  • Products used: In the nets, there are tutorials that use bar glue (like sticks used by children), others use soap with a little water and in others, you can see how they use a fixing product, especially waxes. The option of the glue you completely discouraged it, the only thing that is wanted is too wet the hair a little to be able to define the form so that the choice of the soap or the wax are the most advisable. We recommend using soap to mark the initial shape and, when you get the desired shape, use the wax to fix.
  • Spread an eyebrow brush, like the ones we use to apply the eyelash mask, with a little soap.

    It starts with a small amount to go fixing the shape, we do not want the product to be caked or sticky. With the product-impregnated eyebrow brush, comb your eyebrows up and down with the stripe in the middle, do it slowly, do not try to comb the eyebrow in one go. Make small movements upwards and then downwards. The goal is to draw a pen.

  • When you have more or less the shape defined, apply a bit of fixing wax (the one you use for the hair) in the brush to comb the eyebrows and see the definitive shape, outlining the contours and giving the final touch to your eyebrow pen. The final touch can be done with the fingertips to further fix the shape, as you find it easier.
  • Your feather eyebrows are ready, but if you want to give an even more original touch you can glue some small shiny or rhinestones in the center like the ones we use to decorate our nails.

If you prefer to see how the tendency effect in the eyebrows is achieved, here we leave you an Instagram tutorial so you have it clearer and you will be encouraged with the pen eyebrows.

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