What kind of dress will suit a woman after 40 years


What kind of dress will suit a woman after 40 yearsThere are few such women whose wardrobes are not found at least one dress for a special occasion. Today the fair sex gladly clothed in the garment of everyday life. If youth young girls choose the liberated and freestyle, the more mature women take a more quiet and refined image.

Beautiful dresses are needed not only for social events and special occasion. In these clothes, you can go to work, demonstrating its unsurpassed femininity and skillfully emphasize the individuality.

Tips for Choosing outfits for 40 year old woman

Choosing the right outfit should be guided by several rules, which will help you to always look stylish and attractive:

outfits for 40 year old woman

  • Choose a classic dress. For example, the “case”, the model emphasizes the female form is good and this makes the figure more seductive and elegant.
  • Dress for the 40-year-old young lady – it is perfectly stitched, high-quality and expensive thing. You do not need to score closet various rags. Let the better it will be several successful models for each individual case.
  • Prefer unpretentious style and muted tones. But do not neglect the accessories.
  • Say “no” to frivolous outfits or set them aside for a special occasion.

What style of dress will suit a woman for 40 years

Some styles for several decades do not cease to be fashionable, but it does not mean that they are all old or ugly. All quite on the contrary, is capable of favorably unfading classics adorn any lady.

outfits for 40 year old woman

Elegant dresses can be cotton, knitted and even denim. The main thing is to conform to the following rules:

  1. Dress length should be above the knee. This allowed midi and maxi even. After 40 years in women may appear varicose veins, flabby skin, so it is best to hide these unsightly cosmetic defects from the eyes of others. If a woman has a small stature, the dress length can reach the middle of the knee. This technique will make it visually above provided high heel.
  2. Business lady can choose an elegant and formal suit. This dress can be supplemented with a jacket as in the collections of the famous Coco Chanel. This option is very popular among business women. Yes, something to hide, even the first lady of the country choose the style. Inexpensive models can be sewn from substandard materials. Therefore, buying the favorite thing, you need to pay attention to the quality of execution.
  3. If you consider yourself a romantic nature, it is likely that you will like the model comes from the 60s. They are characterized by narrowed waist and flared skirt. This style can not only beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also to hide its imperfections. At the same time admiring glances of the opposite sex you are guaranteed.
  4. The fashionable dress may take the form of an elongated jacket. Yes, this model is perfect for women after 40. In the design environment, this style is called “Safari”, and he is very in demand in the women’s collections. Under the dress shirt can wear heels or sandals to go low. The main thing to choose a good accessory.

Beautiful styles for each day

Women after 40 quite carefully watching their figure, but because many of the fair sex can boast of, though not exactly slim, but toned forms. Therefore fitting dresses made of jersey or knitted fabric quality will fit into the wardrobe of the mature young lady.

Silhouette can be semiadherent or slightly flared – most importantly, that it is good outlines what can be proud of the forty-year woman. Such garments are comfortable enough for everyday wear and picking them right accessories, cardigan or jacket at any time to change its image in favor of the individual case.

Dressy Dresses

If you want to make your image a seductive and very feminine, get a close-fitting cocktail dress with V-neck. Create an elegant image will help to dress in the Empire style. On the one hand, this outfit is quite simple, and on the other, successfully emphasizes grace and sexy woman.

cocktail dress for women 40 years

Complete women after 40 with type figure “pear” or “hourglass” may opt for a long silk dress with an abstract pattern. Will only complement the image of this wide leather belt and a small clutch.

Hide the belly will help holiday long dress with low waist and overlap. This style often has a narrow adjacent the hem perfectly emphasizes femininity of his mistress.

Wedding models

A woman over 40 can put on the wedding simple and at the same time elegant dress. The priority of such shades as milk, cream or beige. The most suitable option to the triumph – lace, silk or satin wedding dress made of expensive materials.

wedding dress for the bride 40

Very elegant look simple cut dress below the knee. Practical bride’s attention and will not pass such a successful model as a three suit with a skirt or trousers. However, this option is not quite appropriate for a wedding. Make a complete image will help a small handbag, a clutch and a live flower, woven into the hair.


Much attention is paid to business dresses for women over 40 because at this age they have already achieved a lot in his life and held as members of society. And it looks like a mature woman is very important, particularly for herself. Attire should be sewn from quality fabrics and express the individual taste of his mistress.

outfits for 40 year old woman

A business woman should pay attention to dress, “Case” adjacent silhouette length just below the knee, with a hidden back zipper. The colors of the garments may be very different: gray melange, cognac or black in small stripes.

Summer stylish dresses

The most advantageous option for ladies summer after 40 is a light chiffon dress. Of course, this outfit suitable for the beautiful ladies of all ages, but best of all it looks on mature women. Such dresses allow you to experience the ease of mind, the women added confidence in their grace and uniqueness. Even a slight breeze will give the image of a butterfly hovering effect. In addition, these dresses do not require special care, most importantly, to choose the right style for each occasion and to take into account some of the nuances.

outfits for 40 year old woman

Photo Dresses for obese and slender women over 40

40-50 years – it’s a great age, this is the time when a woman becomes wiser and more confident, a period when we can breathe a little and pay attention to his beloved. Many women wonder how to dress according to their age, to look stylish and fashionable. In order to understand this question for you, we have prepared a selection of the most successful photos of the dresses for slim and obese women after 40.

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