Step by Step | How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers?


Long ago I wanted to share with you one step to make tissue paper flowers. Personally, I love this type of flower as we can use even for decorating our house. Advantage number one: when the wedding ends we can bring all tissue paper flowers to our room. Is not it great? Do you remember of flower garlands to decorate your wedding? For this tutorial, you will come both to prepare great centerpieces as garlands of flowers. I propose three types of silk flowers.

Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Step by step to make tissue paper flowers will for this tutorial need little material and is very economical. Paper Silk Scissors florist wire flower stalk Floral Ribbon A ping pong ball Perla’s florist or any other adornment If you do not know where to buy the materials, my favorite online store is Amazon.

Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Let’s take five pieces of paper about 10 x 15 cm. In each of the ends, I apply a little glue stick for us to close petals correctly. We use the ball to shape the petals, wrapping the paper around the ball like candy. We five leaves and cut on one side the excess paper, as shown in the image. We use the beads as stems florist for the flower. We grouped the five petals around (as in the picture (and use the tape at the base so that we can not undo the flower. We set the flower stalk and ready.


For the next flower, we will use 18 pieces of paper of a size of approximately 10 x 15cm. Cut the pieces of paper in an eight to mimic the petals. Une petals with a piece of wire about 10cm and placed several stalks of flower (pearls or other items) before sealing the wire. Now open fan-shaped leaves and glue against the stem.


And with this last method you can make beautiful peonies dahlias tissue paper or tissue paper.You will need eight pieces of paper about 15x18cm. We turned the pieces with accordion fold approximately 2 cm. Once folded the pieces touch the tips cut in round shape (for peonies) or acute punt (for dahlias).

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We put about 10 cm of wire in the middle and look good. Now let’s start on a side layer by layer up the petals to form the flower. When you finish on both sides, have a flower like an image and just need to stick to the stem. And finally, I want to make a tutorial video made by two ladies that while chatting much teach us how to make paper roses step silk -step way simple. They look like real flowers!


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