What is the choker necklace and how to carry


Are you aware and what are the chokers and how to wear them ? This type of tight neck collars and have become one of the must-have of the season and one of the most accessories worn by celebrities and girls of the moment. And they were popular in past decades, but are now returning to a modern air and can be found in many different styles, from the jewel – like to the minimalist and simple thin ropes knotted around his neck. If you also want to be the last and incorporate complement your outfits formal and informal, read this article unComo in which we explain in detail what the choker necklace and how to wear it .

What are the chokers: origin and why take

The choker is the term chosen to designate the necklaces and chokers that are perfectly adjusted and cut close to the neck. This is what differentiates from other necklaces that may look.

Although now it has cataloged them as chokers and has become the most in the time in the world of accessories, the truth is that this is a trend recovered from previous decades.This kind of necklaces they’re very fashionable put back in the 40s and , later, in the 90s , a decade in which caused a real furor with an air more grunge . However, we still go back much further back to find out the true origin of the chokers necklaces, and they were a regular fixture of the women of the court and French nobility still XVIII. In fact, we can see many portraits of Marie Antoinette which he looked luxurious and bright chokers and necklaces made from fabrics such as silk or velvet.

Currently, the chokers necklaces have swept amazing how women ‘s fashion and have emerged as one of the main trends of being present in all shopping season and is one of the clear protagonists of street style , and one of the favorite accessories of celebrities and fashion bloggers. Now, chokers have become refreshed and with an air of the most modern, are available in many shapes and styles. You can find minimalist models, wide designs that cover a large part of the neck, with bright or rhinestones shaped belt, style tattoo , among many others.


The chokers also succeed on the catwalk

The choker necklace has not only washed away on the red carpet and the street style but could also be seen on the catwalks as one of the most recurrent accessories. Signatures as recognized as Saint Laurent, Chanel or Dior completed many of his looks autumn and winter with chokers of different styles. The first chose necklaces as a string, the second chokers large covering almost the entire neck and the latter by silk ribbons combined with prints and small hanging beads.

Undoubtedly, this is a trend that can adapt perfectly to any style, it is possible to combine in a thousand different ways and can be worn with many types of necklines, from boat necks or necks words of honor to speak or outfitters.

In the following sections, we give you some ideas so you know how to bring chokers necklaces and you can make the most of this fashion accessory.

Maxi-necklaces chokers

The maxi-necklaces now succeed are the wide chokers that cover most of the neck. You can find them in metal or in fabrics like velvet, which is also very fashionable.

The maxi-necklaces chokers are great with shirts and blouses or dresses with neckline V. Our advice is that you use for those looks neutral and simple, so you can give them a chicer and eye – catching touch.

chokers necklaces minimalist

On the opposite side of the above, they are the most simple, minimalist chokers , ideal for those women who always bet on elegance and sophistication in their outfits.

To bring the choker necklace minimalist, you can combine it with a multitude of shirts, blouses, shirts and dresses, as they are very thin and will not overload your neck. The jewel with bright stones or type is ideal to complete the looks more formal, the night or party.Lot succeed also very thin ribbons or strings tied around his neck.

Chokers combined with other necklaces

If you are passionate about and love accessories complete your looks more than a necklace at a time, this option is right for you. It is very fashionable to show off what several hanging at the same time and the choker is perfect to achieve this effect.

Take your choker necklaces with two or three more that are of the different length so that all are visible and look great.

chokers tapes

And if you want to use the chokers of an original and different way, then nothing better than tying a ribbon on the neck to look like a wider choker. You can serve a short, thin pashmina, you only have to give a couple of laps and tie a knot in the back. As you see in the picture, you can choose the color you like, but our recommendation is that you combine the look you wear. To add a touch chicer, you can also add to such a choker longest suspension.

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