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Among the tones that can star in the bouquet or bouquet it includes the color blue , so original tone as elegant and fits almost all styles. A color that we can play, betting on the softer tones if a wedding in spring or summer, and darker shades for winter weddings or weddings evening. The type of flower is an important detail when choosing the design. We invite you to discover some of the most original compositions of bouquets in blue.


Hundreds of images for inspiration in the bridal bouquet. All the flowers of each season and the most trendy and new ideas.

Blue Bouquet Bride:Ideas and Tips

Blue brings touches of elegance to bouquets. Discover the most original compositions for the big day in blue tones.



Ramos red bride: tips and ideas to bring the color of passion

Red is the color of passion and of course, elegance and style, so do not hesitate when choosing the bridal bouquet.

Red is the color of passion and of course, elegance and style, so do not hesitate when choosing the bridal bouquet.

The red is a safe to bet when choosing flowers bridal bouquet . And, certainly, no color that best defines the passion , the feeling and love .Red bouquets bring a touch of style decided. A right color to match different styles, from classic to the most original. Red flowers stand out among the roses , but do not forget either of the sophisticated tulips and even bouquets made with an original combination of flowers and red fruits.

Bouquets with bouquet of roses:

The bouquet is one of the styles preferred by brides bouquets. If you also going to marry and you have opted for they do not miss the following models bouquet of roses that we bring.

Bouquets with bouquet of roses . Would you like to wear a bouquet of roses on your wedding day? Here we present different models of bouquets and you also explain how to create your own .

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We started the review of the different styles of bouquets bouquet of roses with a single perfect model for romantic brides . It is a bouquet round, made with white and red roses . We finished the review of the bouquet of roses with a model bouquet for brides of marine inspiration in red tones, a floral composition symbolizes happiness and luck.

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